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COVID-19 Resources

As we begin reopening for the 2023 spring and summer season, the AAVBC has developed it's safety guidelines and procedures in accordance with federal, state, and industry guidelines and best practices. Please feel free to visit those resources.

The All-America Valley Basketball Club (AAVBC), founded in 2018, is a Level-3 Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Club whose purpose is to help foster player health, age- and stage-appropriate skill development, and a positive and enjoyable on-court experience for young athletes.  We abide by the Governance and Policies set forth by the AAU for amateur sports.  We follow the Youth Basketball Guidelines developed by USA Basketball and have designed our practice plans in accordance with the Jr. NBA Instructional Curriculum, ensuring we provide proper instruction to youth players at every skill level. Our coaches are USA Basketball and NCAA certified.

The club was founded on the premise of service and hard work while promoting fun through the sport of basketball.  The club adopted the name “All-America Valley” as it points to the region’s historic significance with being designated an All-America City by the National Civic League in 2000. This name encapsulates the club's character and points to the fact that the great majority of the players principally come from the towns which make up the extended Lower Naugatuck Valley Region (LNV): Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Derby, Naugatuck, Oxford, Seymour, and Shelton. Although this is the club's origins, it is open to all interested in joining from the surrounding towns and areas.

We're always looking for players (and families) with the right attitude and temperament to join us!! If you're still interested reach out and register today!!

AAVBC's History of Highlights

  • AAVBC's John Harris (2022) drives to the hole (2021)
  • AAVBC's Keyvon Ward (2022) prepares to shoot a free throw (2021)
  • AAVBC's Robert Moriarty (2022) shoots a jump over a defender (2021)
  • AAVBC Derby 8th Grade Boys Travel Team Won Milford Knights Tip Off Tournament Gold Division in November 2019!
  • AAVBC Shelton 8th Grade Boys Travel Team gear up for a divisional home game in December 2019!
  • AAVBC Derby 8th Grade Boys and AAVBC Shelton 8th Grade Boys Travel Teams Scrimmage in 2019!
  • AAVBC Derby 8th Grade Boys Travel Team winning the opening tip off in the Milford Knights Tip Off Tournament Gold Division in November 2019!
  • AAVBC posing for a team photo in the Inaugural USA Basketball U.S. Open Championships in Westfield, Indiana in July 2018!
  • AAVBC players in action at the Inaugural USA Basketball U.S. Open National Championships in Westfield, Indiana in July 2018!
  • AAVBC participated in the Inaugural Jr. NBA World Championship Northeast Regional Qualifier in June 2018!
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AAVBC on the Be Seen Tour

As part of its Be Seen Tour initiative which commenced in 2020, The New England Recruiting Report (NERR) paid a visit to the All-America Valley Basketball Club during a practice and workout of our varsity players. During that session, NERR had an opportunity to evaluate the players, provide them expert feedback, and give an overall assessment of the players. We are grateful for their visit and will incorporate their feedback into our program to further help our varsity players develop and be prepared for the next level.

We wish to thank our sponsors for their contributions to our 2023 season!

We want to thank the Valley Community Foundation for providing us a grant through their Valley Community Grants Program.

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